Hello, this is the Korea National Souvenir Center.

Today, I'll introduce samulnori, which takes away the eyes, ears, and even the mind of a viewer.


Samulnori refers to the four musical instruments played on objects, gong, janggu, drum and jing.

If Pungmulnori is accompanied by a large scale of play, it emphasizes the activeness of outdoor performance, while samulnori is a form of performance that emphasizes the sensation felt by playing the instrument itself.

2. Gong

The gong is a brass bowl shaped instrument.

In samulnori, the gong player plays the role of a conductor.

Because it is loud and has a wade range of techniques, 

it plays a leading role in the tune of other instruments.

With the finger of the hand that holds the string of the gong, 

you press and release the back of the gong, making different timbre tones depending on the beat.

3. Janggu

The Janggu are generally made of paulownia, 

but they were previously made of earthenware of metal.

On both sides of the janggu, the left side is covered with white horse shells

and the right side is usually covered with normal horse shells.

The reason for this discrimination is that the two skins have to be different 

to make different sounds!

White horse shells is usually thicker than horse shell, so it makes a lower, softer soudn, 

and normal horse shell makes a clear, high-pitched sound.

4. Jing

If the gong plays a small piece, the jing divides the small passage.

It has the most names among Korean musical instruments.

It puts it in his left hand, puts it in a mold, 

holds a cotton band in his right hand, and rings each impulse.

It wraps itself around other percussion instruments, but it also keeps order throughout.

It looks very easy to play as if you could just pat it on the beat once.

If you don't adjust the mood and characteristics of each beat well, it is likely to ruin the music.

5. Drum

In the old days, the drum was used to dig through logs, 

today, the wooden boards are gathered to make a barrel and both sides are covered with leather.

Many different types of leather are used during this time, but most of Koreans used cows or dogs.

In addition, the names of the drums vary according to their appearance.

How was samulnori and musical instruments you learned 

with the Korea National Souvenir Center?

I'm just proud to be able to give you good information.

Have a nice day :)

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Hello, this is the Korea National Souvenir Center.

There are three major painters in Korea.

The main characters are Hong-do Kim, Seung-up Jang, and YoonBok Shin.

Today, I would like to learn about Hyewon YoonBok Shin.

1. Life of Hyewon YoonBok Shin

Born in 1758, he was born as the oldest son.

YoonBok Shin was a painter who was so good at painting the lifestyle of ordinary people 

during the Joseon Dynasty.

In particular, Hyewon was very good at painting love between men and women 

so that nobody else could follow in this field.

2. Hyewon YoonBok Shin's Works

YoonBok Shin presents both the poetic taste and the romance between men and women, 

the urban sense and the humor of the gisaeng and gibang, 

but he was also looked negatively by the Confuciancustoms of Joseon Dynasty.

There are a lot of products that are inspired by YoonBok Shin

at the Korea National Souvenir Center!

Let's see it together.

1. Lamp with painting of Korean artist YoonBok Shin

(Go to buy)

It is good for interior use and gift.

Because It is made of the motif of YoonBok Shin's paintings, 

it gives us a sense of informal

I think it's good to feel an odor of antiquity hidden in it.

2. Fruit plate

It would be great to use it to list the fruit when the guests vistit.

Wouldn't everyone be fascinated by Yoonbok Shin's paintings as fruits disappeared one by one?

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Dancheong goose

K-design 2018.05.02 09:00

Hello, this is the Korea National Souvenir Center.

Today, I would like to introduce dancheong goose.

As soon as I see it, it is a pair of dancheong geese that are so cute that

 I want to give presents to newly-weds.

Dancheong goose is often presented as a gift to newly-weds.
Especially, it was a mandatory wedding gift from 80s.

Do you know why?

Let's find out.

Dancheong goose's Meaning

Dancheong goose means " single-hearted " that it will only look at you for the rest of its life.

The goose is a symbol of the bride and groom's good love.
So it is used as a traditional wedding accessory.

The goose was traditionally considered a good omen to rest on a platform like a duck.
When holding a traditional wedding, many guests brought dancheong wild geese like the current wreath!

In fact, wild geese have a deep affection both, so once paired, they will live together for life.

Maybe it is the same reason why you give dancheong wild goose as a gift.

Dancheong goose Application

Let's take a look at the dancheong goose that is sold at the Korea National Souvenir Center.

Dancheong goose that is sold at the Korea National Souvenir Center has traditional Korean five color.

Isn't Dancheong beautiful based on red, yellow, blue, black, and white colors?

If you look closely, you will see that five colors are used.

Isn't a pair of geese really cute?

I wanted to buy it even though I'm not married!

(Doesn't mean anything...TT)


You can twist these neck.

I wish you could always look at one place and join together!

Dancheong goose is a very good product for house and honeymoon gifts.

If you would like to make a purchase, please click on the link below.

(Go to buy)

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